Power BI Connector for Microsoft Planner

Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector for Microsoft Planner is a Chrome Extension which syncs Microsoft Planner Plans and Tasks to Microsoft Power BI. With this you can create dashboards and share dashboards with Office 365 Groups workspace in Power BI. This app comes with Power BI reporting pack which helps you to create rich visuals for Microsoft Planner plans and tasks. The app will push the Planner data to Power BI at regular intervals, so you can keep your Power BI dashboards live.

Sync Planner data to PowerBI at regular intervals

Using Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector, configure scheduler to sync Planner data with Power BI on regular intervals. It will automatically sync based on the sync interval provided in your scheduler.

Connect multiple Planner accounts into single dashboard

It is not necessary to have planner account as same as power BI account. Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector provides you the ability to connect multiple planner accounts to single Power BI account and vice-versa.

Publish selective plans to PowerBI dashboards

This app provides the freedom to choose selective plans that are needed to be published in Power BI Dashboard. Hence you can create different dashboards with different set of plans and share it to selective O365 Groups in Power BI.

Share Planner PowerBI dashboards to Office365 Groups

Using Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector you can able to choose the workspace (O365 Groups) to create your dashboard. By default, the dashboard will be created under My Workspace.