Migrate Microsoft Planner Plans and Tasks from one tenant to another office 365 tenant

Migrate Project plans from one Office 365 tenant to another in few clicks
Migration includes every single data from Plans and Tasks detail including, attachments and comments
Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux with Chrome or Edge preview
Unattended migration - Just login Source and Target Office 365 tenants and the app will take care of the rest

Migrate Planner with all details

Migrate Planner task details with
  •   Title
  •   Assignments
  •   Labels
  •   Bucket
  •   Progress
  •   Start and Due Dates
  •   Description
  •   Checklists
  •   Attachments
  •   Comments

Key Features

  • Migrate SharePoint attachments in tasks from source tenant to the target site
  • Migrate plan to a new plan or existing plan in the target tenant
  • Migrate plans between different Office 365 groups in same tenant
  • Map source tenant users with target tenant users
  • Migrate task comments
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