Planner Migrator

Apps4.Pro Planner (Trello) Migrator is a chrome extension which helps you to successfully migrate Trello Board details into Microsoft Planner.
You can migrate following Board details from Trello to Microsoft Planner plans
  • Lists
  • Cards
  • Archived Cards
  • Board Members
You can migrate following Card details from Trello to Microsoft Planner tasks
  • Card Name
  • Due Date
  • Assigned Members
  • Comments
  • Files (Attachments)
  • Show on card (Cover images)
  • Checklists
  • Labels
  • Description

Key Features

Map Trello Board members with Planner users

When users import Trello board, some of the board members may not be available in Planner or they may be available with different name, users can easily overcome this problem by mapping board members with existing Planner users as shown in this image.

Map Trello Labels with Planner Labels

Users can map the labels in Trello board with Planner labels and it will copy the existing label name into mapped Planner label.

Exclude/Include Archived Cards

When importing Trello board into Planner, users can optionally exclude or include archived cards, they can also optionally mark the archived cards as completed tasks and move those tasks into specific bucket.

Import Trello Board into New plan in New group

Users can choose option to create new Plan in new Office 365 group and import all board details into this new plan.

Create new plan in existing group

Users can choose option to create new Plan in existing Office 365 group

Import all cards into existing Plan

Instead of creating new plan, you can also import all your Trello board data into existing Planner plan.