Apps4.Pro Migration Manager does it all:

Migrate one or multiple teams with their services, information and settings from one tenant to another or within the same tenant. Set it up in just a few clicks and it will run automatically!

What's New ?

Migrate Microsoft Teams for Education – including Class OneNote and Rubic grading.

What's Next ?

Whiteboard migration – Whiteboards used in Teams channel tab and in Chats.

Microsoft Forms migration.


Teams and their associated Office 365 group

Office365 Group specific settings

Teams Users (Members and Owners)

Team specific settings such as member settings, message settings and guest settings.

Standard & private channels

Standard channels and their specific settings

Private channels and their specific settings

Channel conversations (will be posted as individual conversations or Html file)

Files tab (folders, sub-folders and files)

Source username, message original posted date time

1:1 personal chat

One to One Chat

Group Chat

@ mentions

Source Username, Message original Posted DateTime

Files Upload

Share Chat History Time 

Delivery Options (Importance and Urgent)

Files, Activity and Organization Tabs

Planner, OneNote & Wiki

Plan Buckets, Labels & Members

Task Title, User Assignments & Applied Labels

Bucket, Progress, Start and Due dates, Description, & Checklists

Attachments, SharePoint files & Comments

OneNote Tab with Page, Section, and Content

Wiki Tab with Page, Section, and Content

Special Features

Auto map users in Source and Target tenant

​Stream Meeting Recordings

Personal Videos stored in Stream

Deep links migration

Migrates Word, Excel, PDF, PPT tabs, SharePoint lists tab,

Migrate Planner comments including other task details

Migration possible with least permissions. Tenant/global admin permission is not necessary.

All in One Migration

Migrate team conversation, SharePoint Online files, Planner, OneNote, Wiki and Office365 Group with settings

Automated migration

Create migration jobs and app will take care of rest

Incremental Migration

Perform a second migration to get the most recent items in the source tenant.

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