Office 365 Planner Browser Extension for Subtasks (Free)

***This chrome extension is currently not supported. Instead use Apps4.Pro Planner Manager. ***

Microsoft Planner is the #1 solution for Tasks management for Office365 users because of its simplicity and ease of use. But there are few missing parts that user needs in-order to migrate from their existing task management system to Planner. One such thing is Subtasks.
Subtasks play an important role in task management because a task may have multiple dependent tasks. To address this scenario, Microsoft Planner offers checklist for each task. But with the help of checklist, we can't assign this to someone and keep track of those tasks. Here comes the need for Apps4.Pro Planner browser extension for subtask. This extends the existing Office 365 Planner web to add and manage sub-tasks. You no need to move to another screen for sub-tasks.

Benefits of Apps4.Pro Planner browser extension

Promote Checklist item as Subtask
Links Parent task with its Subtasks
Manage Subtasks easily
Summarizes all the subtask information in a single view

How to enable this browser extension?

Apps4.Pro Planner is available as free extension from Chrome Web Store. You can use this add-in by just clicking on 'Add to Chrome' button. .

How to Use this extension?

After installing the browser extension, open any Office 365 Planner task, from the checklist section add an item and promote it, it is converted to a subtask.

Does it require any special permissions?

No. Add this extension to chrome and use it. .

How to use Apps4.Pro Planner browser extension?

It does not require special training as it integrates with Planner task checklist. You will not find any difference with existing checklist panel in task card even after adding this extension. It works seamless and promotes checklist item as subtask and links it with the parent task.