Microsoft Forms Migration

Migrate your Microsoft Form from one tenant to another tenant in just a few clicks. It’s easy and secure.

Apps4.Pro is the first one in the Market to offer the Microsoft Form Migration. It offers complete packaged Forms Migration, wrapped with every single attribute of it.

What's Migrated

Apps4.Pro targets to migrate both the flavor of Microsoft Forms – Forms & Quiz. It takes care of migrating Form/Quiz at both user level and group level.

It offers an ideal Forms Migration by preserving the below attributes of a Form/Quiz.



Collaborate Permissions

Multilingual Settings

Attachments part of Form/Quiz


Significance of Migration with Apps4.Pro

The below painstaking effort in Microsoft Form Export / Import is nullified in Apps4.Pro.

Note : The term form in the below table represents form & quiz jointly.


Manual Painstaking Activity Required in Apps4.Pro Solution Provided in Apps4.Pro

Migrate one form at a time


All forms at a tenant level can be migrated in a single shot.

Export responses of one form at a time


Responses of all forms at a tenant level can be migrated in a single shot.

Manual migration of responses & their associated attachments to the migrated form


Responses and their linked attachments are exported and migrated to the target account’s One Drive or Sharepoint site.

Only the form collaborators can export the form


Forms can be migrated at the tenant level without the end user intervention and thus it saves their time.

Manual addition of collaborate permission for each form in target


Permissions for each form are migrated to target via tool.

Manual recreation of settings in the migrated form


Each and every setting of form is migrated to the target.

– Send and collect responses

– Start and End date

– Response receipts

Key Features

Every single detail is migrated.

Both user & group level forms & Quiz are migrated.

Responses too are carry forwarded to the target

Get everything migrated without losing a
single form, fast and easy!

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