Apps4.Pro and Power Automate Migration

Apps4.Pro pioneers the tenant-tenant migration of the Power Automate flows in the market. You can migrate the flows with just a few clicks – easy and secure.

Apps4.Pro offers the complete tenant-level inventory of the flows created by users, for the admins to better plan the migration.

Key highlights

Apps4.Pro offers as impeccable migration of the Power Automate Cloud Flows from Source to Target tenants.

The tool judiciously provides an auto-mapping of the below elements to lessen the time consumed rather manually achieving this.





Teams tag


SharePoint Site URL

SharePoint Site List

Apps4.Pro also offers automated connector mapping which buys lot of time for the admins during the migration process. They need to bother to add only the connectors which are not available in the target tenant.

Significance of Migration with Apps4.Pro

The below painstaking effort in Microsoft Export / Import across tenants is nullified in Apps4.Pro.

Manual Painstaking Activity Required in Apps4.Pro Solution provided in Apps4.Pro

Migrate one flow at a time


Users can migrate all their flows in a single attempt.

Manually map resources in each flow


Auto-mapping of resources done and linked to each flow in target.

Manually create required connector in target


Existing connector: Auto-mapping of existing connector done.
New connector: Tool has provision to create connector.

Manually map flow to desired environment


Auto-mapping of environments is achieved in the tool.

Manual addition of owner permissions for each flow in target


Permissions for each flow are migrated to target via tool.

Manual mapping of users within flows such as planner task assignments, sender/recipients in mails etc.


Tool auto maps these assignments and link them to the migrated flows.

Key Features

Facilitate migration of desired flows and archive the remaining ones.

Intellectual automation of Connector account mappings.

Pull complete tenant-level inventory report of the user flows.

Get everything migrated without losing a
single flow, fast and easy!

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