How to create Subtask from Planner Manager?

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager gives the ability to create a subtask for an existing task.

  • Double click on the existing task to get it opened in the edit window.
  • Type the sub tasks title in checklist items as shown in below image and click on Promote checklist item as sub task.
  • Now a new task will be created in Planner and linked with this parent task. This will help you to set due date, add assignment and post comments for the sub task.
  • A link will be created between Parent and Sub task. So whenever the user opens a task, its sub tasks will be listed and can be updated easily.

Please note that when you create a new task from Planner Manager Promote checklist item as sub task button will not be available. First you need to create new task and edit it to promote the checklist items as sub tasks.

Navigate between Task and its Subtask