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Formed in May of 2007 is already a reference in ERP support and computer services. Perian offers a range of professional services from the survey of business needs, advice and software development, implementation, training and follow-up project after project…!

Perian rolls out Office 365 to all their users. All projects they are working on is maintained in Microsoft Planner as individual plans. Also, the issues in the projects are too maintained the corresponding plans. Currently the Planner lacks the ability to add custom fields to the tasks (hours spend, priority etc.) and the core filter option in Planner allows filtering within a plan.

Perian looking for a solution with the ability to add custom fields to the tasks. And an extensive reporting solution using Power BI. The ability to pull report from multiple plans is much important to them. The Power BI dashboard is important for their management team to check for project status, delays and this dashboard is connected to a main TV screen with periodic refresh.

JiJi Technologies provides solution through the use of their in-house build App4.Pro and Power BI.

JiJi Technologies solution Apps4.Pro uses Power BI API and Microsoft Graph API to synchronize the Planner data with Power BI dataset. The solution also does the periodic refresh of the Planner data with Power BI. As part of solution we provided a report with various filter options (plan, assigned to, due date, bucket). To add custom fields to Planner tasks, another Outlook Add In is provided which does the conversation of email to tasks and the ability to add custom fields values.

Now since all the plan details in Planner is available in Power Bi with custom fields in Planner, Perian started generating the following reports using Power BI easily.

  • Delayed tasks by Bucket / Plan / Assigned To across the plans
  • Overall Plan health status with number of completed tasks/delayed tasks/in-progress tasks

“Now the Perian management team, casts the Power BI dashboard in their main TV screen to have an eagle eye on our project status” – Pedro Oliveira, Director, Perian