Consulting firm specialized in Microsoft 365 Deployment


Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Customer: Mike Maadarani, Cloud Solutions Architect

Company: MCM Consulting (Ottawa, Canada)

Objective: Microsoft Planner migration between different tenants

Number of migrated plans: 1200


MCM is a consulting firm based in Canada that specializes in Microsoft 365 deployment. MCM was looking for a solution to migrate Microsoft Planner between tenants for their clients and needed an efficient tool that would get the job done. After evaluating Apps4.Pro Migration Manager and running a successful POC (proof of concept), MCM became a loyal client with over 1200 migrated plans.

The Story of MCM Consulting

As stated above, MCM Consulting specializes in Microsoft 365 deployment and their solutions leverage the full Microsoft Platform to help its clients successfully streamline and automate their business processes. One of their main strengths is their experience creating aesthetically pleasing dashboards summarizing all the relevant information to stakeholders and end-users. Their team of consultants intelligently organize information, effectively improving communication among internal teams and meeting the needs of their client’s teams and stakeholders.

The migration of Microsoft Planner is the real challenge

Given the nature of Microsoft Planner and the limitations of its API, migrating it is far from being an easy task making it a roadblock for most consultants. Having found the struggle consultants were dealing with, Apps4Pro created the first solution in the market to migrate Microsoft Planner in 2019.

Why did MCM Consulting choose Apps4.Pro?

MCM was referred to Apps4.Pro by a business partner and, not having found another alternative to migrate Microsoft Planner and decided to run a POC. Once in contact with our sales team, MCM realized the Apps4.Pro can migrate not only Microsoft Planner but also Teams, OneNote and Wiki among others, and therefore decided to run the POC for all the components. After delivering a 100% successful result, MCM realized Apps4.Pro is the most effective and powerful solution for them and decided to run all their future migrations to us.

The Benefits

After every migration, Apps4.Pro exports all the logs in an easy-to-read way and shares them to allow the client to verify its results. Having successfully met MCM´s expectations, we have built a strong relationship based on results and technical support that encourages MCM´s to rely on us as their main vendor. We have so far migrated over 1,200 plans across different teams and will keep helping MCM deliver to its clients.

“When we evaluated the solution, it was a 100% match to our needs. Migrating Planner is not an easy task, given the nature of the product and the limitation on the API. The product was easy to use, and it migrated everything as needed. The logs that it produces are simple to read and it reports all the activities so we can report back the migration results to the client. The performance of this tool was great, it was easy to use, and it performed as expected. I have used it on multiple occasions and will use it again in the future.” – Mike Maadarani, Cloud Solutions Architect, MCM Consulting, Ottawa, Canada