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Fuyao Glass America is an OEM glass supplier to major auto manufactures like General Motors, Ford, BMW, Honda and Bentley. Fuyao decided to improve their collaboration and productivity through Office 365 and they completed Office 365 rollout to all their users. The team at Fuyao adopted Microsoft Teams for collaboration and Microsoft Planner for task management.

Fuyao’s Program Management team decided to adopt Planner to manage its projects due to its simplicity and less training for its users. They have succeeded with Planner adoption among various departments. The project managers of Fuyao need to manage multiple projects and each project involves members from various teams. And their project managers expect reporting of tasks across multiple projects thus they can effectively manage the tasks.

Currently the reporting capabilities available in Microsoft Planner is limited. The core filter option in Planner allows filtering within a plan. JiJi Technologies provides solution through the use of their in-house build Apps4.Pro and Power BI.

JiJi Technologies solution Apps4.Pro uses Power BI API and Microsoft Graph API to synchronize the Planner data with Power BI dataset. The solution also does the periodic refresh of the Planner data with Power BI. As part of solution we provided a report with various filter options (plan, assigned to, due date, bucket).

Now since all the plan details in Planner is available in Power Bi, Fuyao’s project managers started generating the following reports using Power BI easily.

  • Un-scheduled tasks across the plans
  • Tasks over-due by week/month across the plans
  • Upcoming tasks by week/month across the plans
  • Tasks completed this week


The project managers started building their own reports and dashboards. These Power BI dashboards are shared with higher management during their executive briefing and all get an accurate view of projects going across their company and the health status of the project.

“With the integration of Microsoft Teams, Apps4pro Planner and Power BI, we have greatly improved our program management task management and transparency of program status. We have also greatly improved our communication and collaboration in program management across our global colleagues.” – Ryan Chen, Director of Program Management, Fuyao Glass America.