Apps4.Pro Planner Desktop

Outlook app that helps you to sync Planner tasks with your Outlook tasks.
  Convert Email to Task  
  Set Reminders for Planner Tasks  
  Link Planner Tasks to an Email Item  

Apps4.Pro Planner Desktop is a simple yet powerful Outlook add-in that works on top of your outlook and makes your life easier by integrating Tasks created in Planner with Outlook tasks. As you are aware Microsoft offers number of ways to manage tasks in their eco system. One such powerful task collaboration and management tool is Office 365 Planner. Yet it makes tasks management simple, users want to have a single place to view and manage the tasks assigned to them, that’s Outlook Task.

Apps4.Pro Planner helps you to manage your tasks simple and efficiently from Outlook tasks. This Outlook add-in helps you in following ways


Export /Import tasks using Excel

With a single click, you can able to Export tasks from a Plan to Excel and perform required changes to re import them to same / another plan. During Import process, new buckets (if any) will be created in Planner and tasks will be added to it.
Here is the complete list of columns supported during Export / Import.
Title, Plan, Bucket, Assigned To, Start Date, Due Date, Assigned By, Assigned Date Time, Created By, Percent Complete, Completed Date Time, Completed By, Categories, Description, Checklist, Attachments.

Attach email to Task

You can convert email to task and the email will be automatically added as attachment to the task. To attach additional emails to task just drag and drop the email to the task window. The email will be uploaded and saved as another attachment.

Manage Plans from Outlook

Manage Plans window helps you to View / Edit tasks of a particular plan from a single window. Additionally, you can Group all tasks by bucket, progress, assigned to, Created by, assigned by. This gives you the panorama view of Plan.

Sync Planner Tasks with Outlook Task

Sync Planner tasks assigned to you with your Outlook Tasks / To-Do / Reminders. You can review the complete list of tasks assigned to you from your Outlook Calendar and To-Do lists. Edit start and due dates from Outlook calendar / tasks and get it synced with your Planner task automatically.

Export / Import Planner Tasks

You can easily Export / Import tasks using csv / excel file. This helps you to export the tasks from the selected plan and submit if for review. This helps you to ascertain and review progress and to submit a report to management. Also you can create new tasks in bulk using this excel.

Sub Tasks

From Apps4.Pro Planner app you can able to Create, Edit, Add assignment, Comment on Subtasks. When you create a new task from the app you will have the option to create subtasks which will be listed hierarchically. This gives you the real view of the task with its subtask and who is working on it.

Convert Email to Planner Task

Emails can be converted in to Planner tasks in a click. You can able to set Plan name and Bucket as well as assign it to User / Group from the same window.

Create / Edit planner tasks from Outlook

Now Outlook becomes your one stop destination to Create or edit Planner tasks, drop in to respective bucket and assign to user / group.

Convert Outlook Task to Planner task

Convert your existing outlook tasks in to Planner task and group it to respective Plan / Bucket.

Create & Assign tasks from Highlighted text

Just select the required portion of the text from mail body and turn that in to Planner task.

Set Reminders for Planner tasks

You can able to set reminders for Planner Tasks when it gets synced with your Outlook. Options to set notification based on Start or End date of the task.

Link Planner tasks to an email item

You can link multiple Planner tasks to email. Helps you to identify the tasks that are created / related for an email. You can able to update task details / post comments on Planner tasks from this view.