Office 365 License Manager

Apps4.Pro Office 365 License Manager is a simple Chrome Add-In to manage users license. This product will allow you to generate Office 365 user and license-based reports and you can manage license for single user, multiple users and bulk users by importing users from CSV file.
You can generate following reports using this extension:
  • All Users.
  • All Licensed Users.
  • All Licensed Users with user’s Last Login Date. It includes last activity date to specific service like SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive for Business, etc.
  • Users based on specific license.
  • License vs Usage summary report.
  • All available Licenses with their Active Units and Consumed Units.

Key Features

  •   Assign license, individual license services and usage location for multiple new users.
  •   Manage license for bulk users by importing users from CSV file.
  •   Add new license or set of services along with existing license assignments.
  •   Replace existing license/services by new set of license assignments
  •   Remove a license or features from a specific license.
  •   Export reports data in CSV and Excel format.
  •   Easily group, filter and sort report data.

Add new Office 365 licenses

When new users get boarded, after completing user creation in Azure AD, we need to assign required Office 365 license depends on the nature of the user’s role in your office. Once you have decided what license and what specific license services that you are going to apply for new users, then you can simply achieve this need by following the steps mentioned in below image.
  • Choose the option “Add to Existing License” to assign license for new users. The “usage location” is must for all new users to assign valid license.
  • By default, when you select a license then all the associated services with that license are automatically selected. If you want to limit only particular services to the users, then switch the toggles to the Off position for the services that you don't want to apply.

Replace license assignments

If you have users who already have a license for one subscription, but you want to move them to another license, then you can simply replace their existing license with a different license by choosing the option “Replace Existing License” in Manage License action.

Remove license assignments

If users are leaving your company, then our priority is block user’s sign-in access and remove applied license subscriptions. Sometimes, we may need to remove license if users have more than one subscription. Using this tool, you can easily remove existing license and you can also remove a service alone from applied license.

Manage Bulk Users License

Using our simple UI, you can easily select multiple users by selecting the checkbox in every user’s row. But in large environment with 100s of users, this might be a tough task to pick required users manually from different pages. For this need, you can keep required users in CSV file and import users from this CSV file to manage license.

All Licensed Users with Last Login Date Report

This report will list all the licensed users along with their last activity date in every Office 365 service. You can filter users with their last activity date and find whether users are active or inactive in the particular service and remove the corresponding service license if needed.

Users based on License Report

The report will allow you to filter users based on particular license subscription and also it will list individual services under the selected license are enabled or disabled and display status separate column.

License vs Usage Summary Report

This report will provide how the users are using their license. You have to provide days (Ex: 180, 90, 30 days) as input and the report will show how many users are actively using a particular service (Ex: Exchange, OneDrive, etc..) and how many users are not using the particular licensed service.