Gantt chart helps you to get an easy overview of your / teams tasks. Also it provides general overview that combines tasks with a timeline. 
Apps4.Pro Planner Manager offers the Gantt chart view for tasks. This chart can be generated by click on the Gantt Chart button in the reporting window. The report you have created will be presented in the Gantt view.
The following details are available in this chart. 
  • Plan name
  • Bucket name
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Assigned to
  • Progress
  • Days left
You can customize this report grid by Add / Remove columns as needed by clicking on Show / Hide columns

Customize the Gantt chart view

The Gantt chart view in Planner Manager contains multiple options to help the users who have a need to customize the view for their convenience. 

Create changes in planner Tasks via Gantt chart

Users can change the tasks Start / Due dates just by dragging the respective task bar. You can also change the dates for entire Bucket / Plan in a single drag. After the required changes are made, you will see the Save Changes button on the top. Click on that to update the changes in Planner.

Update the task details within the gantt chart view

The user can be able to update tasks and save that changes to the planner from Gantt chart view. Double click on any of the task bar to open the edit task window. From this window you can update the task details such as Assignment, Category, Bucket and post comments from this window and update to Planner.