Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop Add-in FAQ's

1. Is this app available for free trial ?

Yes, it is available for 14 days unconditional free trial. You can download the trial version from The download file is same for both Trial and Purchased version. After installation it will run in trial version and when you purchase a license it will be automatically converted to purchased version.

2. Can I try this app for my team ?

Yes, you can. By default after installation, the trial will be enabled for single user. You need to contact to add additional users to your trial. Once done, you can manage their trial licenses from 'Manage License' link in the app.

3. How can I purchase this app ?

You can review the license and pricing details from

4. How can I manage my subscription ?

You need to login to with the email address you have used for purchase. From this portal you can perform the following.
  • View Trial and Purchased subscription details
  • Assign or Modify your team users
  • Change license manager from one user to another

5. What payment options do I have?

  • Credit Card (Processed by PayPal & license will be provisioned immediately after purchase).
  • Bank transfer (Payment against invoice. You need to contact with your company details)

6. Will my subscription gets renewed automatically every year ?

Currently we don't support automatic renewals. We will make it happen shortly.

7. What is the cancelation policy ?

Apps4.Pro encourages you to make use of free 14 days trial before you make a purchase. In any case within 7 days from date of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied Apps4.Pro will refund your purchase, no questions asked. We require your PayPal transaction confirmation and Office 365 email address that was used to manage the licenses. Please contact for help in this regard.

8. To whom I should contact in case of technical support required ?

You can refer out forum or contact us directly

1. What operating systems does this add-in work on ?

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Outlook 2016 (recommended), Outlook 2013.
  • Internet Explorer 10 / 11

2. Will this add-in work on Outlook for MAC ?

1. Outlook disables this add-in on the start-up. How should I fix this ?

Outlook may at times disables the add-in during Outlook start-up. You can set delayed start for this add-in from your registry to avoid this behaviour.
  • Please go to Registry by typing 'Regedit' from run command
  • Now navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\PlannerApps4.Pro
  • Locate for the registry entry 'LoadBehavior' and change the value to 9.

2. The add-in asks me to sign in frequently. How can I avoid this ?

Apps4.Pro uses Office365 authentication and thus when your Office365 session gets timed out you need to sign in to the add-in again. You can avoid this frequency by selecting the check box 'Keep me signed in' in the sign in window.

3. I am getting error message 'You need to register license in order to use this service'.
    What does this mean ?

You will see this message when your license validity is lapsed. This may occur in 2 cases - when your free 14 days trial expired or the purchased license validity expired. You need to login to to check the status of your license.

1. How do I get my Planner tasks synced with Outlook tasks?

In Outlook desktop, go to 'Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop' menu and click on Sync button. This will sync the Planner tasks that are assigned to you to Outlook tasks.

2. Can I update the synced Planner tasks from Outlook tasks view?

Yes. Go to Outlook tasks > Change view > select 'Active'. You can include additional Planner fields as the column to this view from Manage view available under Manage View and update the task details from outlook.

3. Can I get reminder for my tasks based on due date?

Yes. I Apps4.Pro Outlook desktop menu, you will find the option (Set reminders on tasks with Start / Due date and remind me x days before at x hours'. to enable this. Form here you can set reminders for tasks based on Start / Due date and time to remind.

4. How to attach multiple emails to a task? Is it possible?

Yes, go to 'View Plans' and locate the task to which you need to attach the emails. Now double click on the task and it will open in edit mode. Now from your mailbox, drag the emails you want to attach and drop it in the edit window. This will upload the emails to the task. Now Hit save to save this attachments.

1. Will my data be transmitted outside the Microsoft servers ?

Absolutely NO. We have used Microsoft APIs to develop this add-in and hence no data will be passed outside of Microsoft servers. All your data are safe with Microsoft.

2. Does this add-in require any special permission to use?

No special permissions required.

1. In what ways this add-in is integrated with Outlook ?

The add-in is integrated with Outlook in 3 ways.
  • Email integration
  • Calendar integration.
  • Tasks integration

2. Can this add-in be used outside the Outlook desktop ?

No. As this is Outlook add-in it can be accessed and used only from the Outlook on which it was installed. But you can install and use this add-in in as many as computers you need unless you sign in with the same office365 email address for which you have purchased the license.