Outlook Web Add-in

Helps you to integrate all your tasks in a central Hub.
Manage your   Planner   Sharepoint   Project Online   Outlook   Wunderlist   tasks using Apps4.Pro Planner Web
Apps4.Pro Planner Outlook Web acts as a central hub to manage all your tasks from different task management systems such as Microsoft Planner, SharePoint, Outlook Tasks and extends Apps4.Pro Planner capabilities to Web, OWA, Mac and Mobile.


  •   Convert e-mail to task
  •   Summarize all 'My Tasks' from different systems
  •   Create / Update / Delete / Assign tasks
  •   Link email to task
  •   Convert/Move tasks between different systems
  •   See tasks in Calendar view, Time line view and Gantt chart view
Apps4.Pro Planner Outlook Web can be used from

Manage Planner / SharePoint Tasks from a single view

You can able to manage Planner and SharePoint Tasks Assigned to you from a single window. This helps you to get overall view of all your 'My Tasks' and plan accordingly. You can able to view tasks either by Progress or by Plan / Project.

Convert email to Planner / SharePoint Tasks

Link Tasks to an Email

As most of the tasks are created based on the email, it makes sense to link those tasks that are associated to an email. Whether the task is from Planner / SharePoint / Outlook or Wunderlist, it can be linked to any email in a single click. Similarly, you can able to Unlink tasks from an email that was completed.

Create new Planner / SharePoint tasks and assign it

Sort or Filter Tasks

Users with dozens of tasks assigned to them find it difficult to decide on which tasks needs their immediate attention. Using can able to 'Sort By' or 'Filter By' options they can able to find and decide on tasks they need to work on.